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** Congratulations George Toney 2017 Classic winner at Falls Lake October 28-29th w/17.85 lbs ** Congratulations David Walton 2017 Season Points Champion and winner of Big Sack of the Year with 25.15 lbs** Congratulations Rich Trick winner of Big Fish of the Year with 8.85 lbs **

2018 tournament schedule and rules changes for 2018 have been posted!

RBA is always looking for new club members so click the contact us link today about joining for the 2018 season!

Welcome to the Raleigh Bass Anglers Club

The club is founded on the values, traditions, and heritage of B.A.S.S.. We are dedicated to perserving the sport of angling for ourselves and future generations through conservation, education, legislation and participation.

RBA is committed to providing a fun, friendly, sportsmanlike and competitive environment to pursue our passion of bass fishing and to expand our angling skills. Raleigh Bass Anglers is an individual format club. Two members may fish off one boat, however each member must keep their fish seperated at all times. Each competes not only for individual tournament purses, but also for end-of-year standing points.

We are out of the Raleigh, North Carolina area, but we are looking for members from all over the state. Non-boaters need to arrange to join with a boater. If you have any further questions, see our club & tournament rules page, schedule page or contact us by email.


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